Pro life Poem

Nobody bats an eye

At the holocaust made

Into women’s rights

This isn’t right

We were made to think

That only “I” matters

Taking no thoughts for life inside.

We grow our gardens

but let the babies die

It’s a tragedy that New York passed that bill. I mean, look how far America has come, with her skills in bloodshed. Trading virtue for victims of villainy, all done in the name of female empowerment.

They say on the day that the Bill was passed; crowds of people were cheering in the streets. One things for sure, Jesus isn’t cheering. If I were those people I’d be quaking In fear.

Pray against planned parenthood’s schemes.

Have a good evening.

One thought on “Pro life Poem

  1. There are no real words to express here…darkness has covered the eyes of Americans. A revival is more than necessary, but it Christ comes, I wouldn’t complain. Wouldn’t be here to anyway 🙂

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