Does TV program us to think a certain way?

So, maybe you aren’t into conspiracy theories or alternative theories in thought, but there are always different ways of looking at things. Just because we are taught something, that doesn’t mean it is the truth. Likewise, just because something contradicts a lie, doesn’t make it true either.

Have you ever come across the ”Hegelian Dialect.” Let’s take a look at it, shall we? 🙂

Basically, there’s an agenda…So whoever is in power wants this agenda to be fulfilled. They secretly create a problem, then in order to gain trust they publicly offer a solution. I see this tactic woven into history pretty thick. So, what does this have anything to do with TV?

Here are some thoughts…

What if media creates a problem of boredom, a problem of greed, a problem of lust, and problems of unfulfilled dreams. And we silently ask ourselves, ”Why can’t I have these things?” So we work our whole lives to get what we think we need, because of what our commercials, movies, and music told us we needed in order to be happy. But what do you get? Nothing. It is vain.

The Devil has got more people around the throat with entertainment than anything these days. And his box of lies whispers or shouts to us that we NEED THIS AND THAT….creating a problem. But, the commercials, the greedy offers, the beautiful models or hunks, they all offer the solution. The one we desperately wanted. But it’s only a trap to get us away from Jesus and the life He died to give us…freedom from this present evil world.

I will talk more on television later. Just remember, watching TV isn’t something we should waste our precious life on. Don’t feed it or it’ll swallow you whole. Is everything on TV bad? Probably not, but 99% is full of worldliness, sinfulness, and selfishness, so you may want to consider that.

God bless you guys? And let me know if you’ve ever felt pressured in any way by the lies of television.

6 thoughts on “Does TV program us to think a certain way?

  1. Excessive TV was a problem for me once upon a time, but something about getting older puts things into perspective. “I’d love to watch this, but: I have to get this cleaned, this cleaned, make food, etc.” Occasionally I’ll watch something, but lately it’s been, “why did I like this so much”.

    The remote is definitely a controller can and not the other way around.

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