Music’s Pied Piper Tactics

Hey guys, so have you ever heard the story of the Pied Piper? Well, if not, let me brush you up on that real quick.

Have you ever noticed how a LOT of celebrities start off doing clean, wholesome, or ”kid-friendly” gigs, and then after a while all turn dark, edgy, political, antiChristian, and or more. Don’t believe me? Well, ya’ll are in for a real treat.

Let’s use the example of Miley Cyrus. For a lot of people in my circle when we say her name, a bad taste formulates in our mouths because of well…the whole eye wrecking music video she did once…and any other image of her ever posted on the internet past 2010.

So when I was a kid, Miley Cyrus was the ever annoying Hannah Montana, and I knew friends who watched the show. As I got a little older, I heard people talk about her music as if it was squeaky clean pop made for preteens, and I guess that WAS her target audience, but darling…if you looked at the things she made after her Disney rides were over…just don’t. It is really weird. Now, she claimed to be a Christian and so did her Dad, but everything since then has been really strange. (Like don’t even soil your precious eyes or time looking it up unless you know someone who idolizes this person.)

But, it’s not like she just called Christianity a bunch of nonsense and walked away,…in fact…

Ahh, notice the sly end line. She is all for Christianity, AS LONG as isn’t authentic Christianity. (And mind you, passionate, authentic belief in Jesus doesn’t condone violence or hate to people with opposing views; we should speak truth in love.) She may lay claim to Christ in some way, but if the Christ we serve is so watered down that He becomes like Buddha, or some new age guru, we’ve missed how revolutionary He really is.

”But Britt, what does this have to do with your ‘Pied Piper theory?”’ Good Question! Now, although not all Christians are chill with Disney, many are. Parents sit their kids down to watch the Disney channel while they do their thing, but their kids are falling in love with these celebrities. They may go to church, say their prayers, but boy do they bump that Miley Cyrus on their iPods and talk about the music with their friends…and the parents don’t mind! After all, Miley is clean, wholesome, and she claims to be a Christian… As she plays her pipe and gets a ton of rats (kids) to follow her….


…Down into the river, and now they are drowning. Now the kids are listening to her new albums and maybe they like her points on homosexuality, or how Christianity doesn’t need to be taken ”too seriously”…They grew up with her music and were fans. Sure, sure, some fans will find another fad train to ride…but a lot of people are nostalgia junkies and will always support their idols.

The story on which this whole piper rhetoric is based may have deeper morals than ”be careful who you follow”…But Music is really powerful. I mean, have you ever checked out concert footage of anyone? The devil LOVES to ruin people by soaking them up so much with the world that the only thing ”Christian” Left is their butts in the pews, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are godless. I DON’T say this with hate OR maliciousness. I was in love with the world a few years back and God shook me up. Im really passionate about this issue. A ton of Christians nowadays are toting the idea that secular music is okay…but we better keep our eyes on the prowl, before we become prey to Satan’s traps. Because if you dine with the world…you’ve forfeited the entire reason Jesus died.

Don’t fall in the river and drown with the rest. Be that one that lives to warn the town that could fall to her death. God bless.

5 thoughts on “Music’s Pied Piper Tactics

  1. *stands and applauds* You may not have meant fire and brim stone with this post, but man did I feel your contempt for the word Christian being tied around like an old hacky sack.

    Have you ever heard of the 30 music challenge? If not, it’s quite simple and the subtle changes are incredible. You listen to just Christian music (specifically ones that actually raise Jesus to the God figure status He deserves) for 30 days. The secular music you listened to before will put a rotten taste in your mouth.

    Fantastic post!

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    1. Praise God! And yeah I can get a little feisty about people who really don’t care about Christianity but use it as some “American culture” thing.

      I think I’m up for the 30 music challenge…I need a little less flesh in my life. Even though I’ve cut out most secular music, every once in a while there’s a temptation to listen to it just “one more time” I’m convinced secular music is like a drug because it’s one of the hardest things to break off…and sometimes feels so exciting. Godly Christian music isn’t super exciting but it makes you think about Him instead of how good everything feels…

      Thank you for all your kind words! Have an awesome day!

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  2. Many are deluded by TV and movies and music.. But lucifer was the Archangel of worship. Everything in the universe vibrates. The Devil uses music vibrations as his flute to call us to the world. That is why I now longer have a taste of worldy music. No one should listen to the ‘meditation’Music of the Eastern religions. It hypnotizes When we meditate, It should on the word and not with a socalled guru, claiming Christianity, Any music tends to interrupt one’s concentration. These are simply my thoughts on this subject. I am open to other opinions. Yes, I can be wrong. I am human after all.:))

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    1. Totally see where you are coming from. I’m having a hard time making a clean break from all music that is tainted with the world (almost everything on the radio is…) But the more I learn about how media affects us…the more I want nothing to do with it.

      I’ve listened to certain types of pop music and felt like I was in a trance. I didn’t seem to have a hard time sinning back then. I mean WHO knows what they put in their music or do to cause that effect.

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      1. Amen. I like old hymns and Gospel music but not all. There is no such think as Gospel Rock, this take Your God down to world levels. I like come of ‘contemporary ‘ music.

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