Hymns are Boring?

God can change our hearts on this…

Being a 19 year old, I won’t sit here and say that the world looks boring or is boring. In fact, it’s not. The flesh always wants to be stirred by something or to stir something up. It longs for constant motion. When it is put on pause, oftentimes it’ll cause some kind of ache. It’ll make a mess one way or the other.

The subject of music is one I’ve been hitting at lately, and it’s striking a chord with my heart. Like a drum, Conviction is beating away at my hypocrisy. I’m currently out of tune with Scripture. I want to be more holy, but I’m not wholly given over to the idea of putting the world’s music to it’s rightful place…

…six feet under.

And, if I’m being totally honest, Biblical hymns seem like a snore to my flesh. There’s no ”sick beat.” No flashy music videos that make your eyes breakdance. Not a lick of lyrics that make you feel safe in sin or compromise. In fact, the whole thing makes your flesh squirm until it dies. No shock, because it ministers to the spirit and points to the One who should be worshipped in spirit and in truth. And His aim is to take us down to our knees, because we will never understand Him on our feet.

We may seek to worship Him on our terms, but is that really worship? For example, does a lover treat his wife to a restaurant he knows she despises, (but it’s his favorite place) to show her his love? The only one being loved here is himself. If we seek to please Him by pleasing our flesh we’ve enthroned ourselves and essentially told Him to serve us.

(I am guilty of this as I type and I need to repent. One thing about writing is, usually God is speaking to my heart as I do it. And sometimes it hurts, as He bares my soul.)

I humbly admit, Jesus doesn’t want our lips synced to monotony and hearts grooving to a sick beat. He wants us synched to His heartbeat. To aimlessly sing words without aiming to live them out is vain. To pattern ourselves after the world grieves the Holy Ghost whose aim is to glorify Jesus.

The world spins so fast that we can get hypnotized by it. The flesh longs to be fed. But we must lay it to death. I got a lot of weeds to pull, before they bear thorns. Much love 🙂 God bless. ❤

7 thoughts on “Hymns are Boring?

  1. It’s so true. I know growing up in the 90’s, Contemporary Praise and Worship with a catchy tune was ideal. Now as an almost 30 year old, I attended a conservative church and we have a piano with hymns plus nothing. I have purposely made myself listen to the hymns for a bit to get my mind out of the gutter and I even use it as a lullaby for my youngest.

    It’s a tough transition from music like: Skillet, Toby Mac, or Thousands Foot Krutch going back to: Jesus Paid It All, In Christ Alone, Amazing Grace (without the modernized addition), or His Eye is On the Sparrow.

    Honestly, the poetry within the songs is a lost art. It is tough. Hang in there! You have brothers and sisters to lean on for support. We struggle with you. God bless friend! 🙂

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  2. My precious young Sister in Christ. Continue to go forward but remember it is The Holy Spirit who is Holy in us to sactificaion and wisdom. He will teach you as your walk in His path. :))

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