Self Control Comic (With TV/Video Games)

We may think we control the narrative because we have the remote control, but who is really in control once the soul is hooked onto it all day.

Here’s a video version, with special effects and how I drew it. If your into this sort of thing please subscribe. It’ll help spread the message out more.

God Bless y’all.

9 thoughts on “Self Control Comic (With TV/Video Games)

  1. As a former gamer and tv junkie, it is a tough break from it. My cure? Kids lol too busy chasing them to find a remote it a controller. It’s rather freeing actually not gaming and I watch TV maybe one or two shows a week. So 2 hours a week. It’s great!

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    1. I think as long as it’s not an addiction and if the content is wholesome it isn’t something that controls you. I totally agree tho I play less video games and I don’t miss playing all day.


      1. I speak out a great deal against modernity. People think because we’re in 2019 that atrocities that happened years and decades ago can never happen again… the circle isn’t broken until the Lord returns.

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