We are Complex

Let’s not take things for granted…

You don’t notice how complex the human body is until you try to draw it realistically without looking at it. Then it hits you…we are pretty detailed.

I mean, we could of been blobs of goo with eyes and a mouth. God didn’t have to give us bones, fingers, toes, muscles, and even simple things like eyelashes. But He did. He is the greatest artist and even if this seems like I’m stating the obvious, sometimes the obvious gets taken for granted.

We are so complex; it’s a miracle we are living each second, because there’s so many things that could go wrong at any time.

But God could of made us simple. If God can make the rocks cry out, it shows that he doesn’t need something complex to worship him.

He gave us so many tools in order to worship Him. We can reach out to people with our arms we can move to others with our feet…we can cough the sickness out…and if you’ve ever noticed, the Bible has so many metaphors and pictures to spiritual things relating to things we can do, say, hear, relating to the way we were made.

Let’s use our bodies as living sacrifices. Not sacrificing the gifting ourselves or in waste, but giving it to Him.

That’s all for now…

11 thoughts on “We are Complex

  1. Excellent post! Our complexities are another confirmation of God’s existence. A million-trillion year mistake couldn’t have perfected a human being.

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