How to Go to Hell…

So many tracts talk about how to go to heaven, but they usually miss the point and so I’ll simplify it. Live for the self, world, flesh, and the devil and you’ll find your way into hell. But here’s the thing, if your not in Jesus and following Jesus your already in hell really. It’s just a heartbeat away, and I know that’s scary and crazy…but it’s true. So let us zealously chase after Him…and let Him transform us and renew us. And let go of things blocking us from Him.

I get it it’s a fight at times, but remember Jesus is jealous for us. Zealous for us. Oh how would you feel if you were so passionate about a person you were espoused to marry and they started flirting with others…and not treating your heart as precious.

The sting of our whoredoms is too much to imagine. Oh how we pained His heart with our foolishness….at least I have. But, let us lay aside every sin and weight which so easily besets us and run to Him…in zeal.

My excuses are astounding! I have a mile of viper laced words to combat a hearty rebuke. To shield myself from faith and embrace skepticism because it’s easy….

If you are battling with the world, you aren’t alone. Let’s encourage one another to be fruitful,

8 thoughts on “How to Go to Hell…

    1. Very sobering
      I felt like God is kinda mad because so many people including myself are pouring their entire soul into things or people and giving Him the leftovers… and I’m very guilty of this.

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  1. Jesus Christ will not force someone to go to heaven. Each person chooses where they want to go. If one does not want Jesus in his life here, then why would they be happy in heaven??

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    1. Amen. They’d be miserable because there isn’t the things of this world. I remember when I was a kid, I thought that heaven sounded so boring. I wished that we’d just be able to live on earth forever instead. Kinda shows where my heart was at.

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