Words of Encouragement

I know the subject manner of my last post was heavy and perhaps burdensome. The weight of our sin is very very great, but where sin abounds grace much more abounds…not to say that our sin isn’t serious, but Jesus is the cure for our disease.

We can walk in the light as He is in the light. We can be of good cheer because He’s overcome the world. We can fight the good fight with all of the tools He’s given and overcome Satan with our testimony and with the precious Blood of the Lamb.

Jesus is jealous because He wants all of us, and I bet nobody else in this world wants all of us. He took on our rebellion, sin, and wickedness our filthy reputation in order that we may have peace with God. He’s in the restoration business and wants to heal us, deliver us, and save us from our issues. He’s that loving!

We cannot properly see His grace and love until we feel the weight of our sin and the fierceness of His anger towards it and us when we live in idolatry. It’s not to say that He doesn’t love His people in this state, because He rebukes those He loves, but it sickens Him to see us doing it and He knows where it leads us.

I personally believe sanctification takes time. That we don’t have all of our problems taken out in a snap of a finger. Some struggles take time. Some demons we’ve let in our lives through sin also need to go. Let us seek Christ in these areas. None of us have it all figured out yet.

Sometimes we just need our minds restored and renewed. Wicked strongholds block things we so desperately need. I tend to think sometimes that God wants to instantly fix us all and that’s real salvation but if you look at Peter and even Paul they had issues and it took time for them to learn things too.

This doesn’t excuse sin, but it does help. It can help us fight it better when we know that just because we fail doesn’t mean we are out of the race. We have an advocate if we sin, but we can’t run to the vomit and stay there,…that’s death. The righteous man falls 7 times and gets up again.

Peter denied Jesus. Three times. It was a terrible sin. But Jesus was gracious and helped Peter to become one of the most mighty men of God. I’ve resisted God’s grace and done terrible things in my life, but when I truly understand more and more of how beautiful His forgiveness is, I’ll be a conqueror too.

So, if we have some besetting sin or weight in our life, we need to lay it down and throw it away. I feel like it’s painful and hard at times, but it’s not like Jesus is trying to bore us, He really does care about our souls more than anything. Because He died and took our place in order to restore us. Be of good cheer Jesus has overcome the world and we can too through the power of the Holy Spirit…God bless!

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