Piece of my Story

Another way to look at grace.

I want to talk about my past in order to talk about my present. Today I’m in the process of death. Sometimes…I try to do good things in the flesh or try to think through what God is saying instead of really pressing into His Word and crying out. I’m feeling a lot of the brutal consequences for my wickedness. You really do reap what you sow, and that’s a reason I don’t want to sow any more bad seeds.

Back in 2017, I was focused on getting a boyfriend. It was more important than Jesus to me, if I’m totally honest and when God revealed this to me I ignored Him. I chased guy 1…guy 1 was a flirt. I chased guy 2, guy 2 was well, he never made any sense and confused me greatly.

After the loss, you’d think I would repent. I think I did at first… but then something tempted me and I knew I shouldn’t touch it, but it was screaming at me so I did.

I’ll back up a bit. I was fighting with God over a song…a very very evil song. Something in me liked it a LOT! I at the time, had a lot of unforgiveness towards a girl who hurt me and another girl who liked the boy I liked. This song was a revenge song and it made me feel all tough. I wasn’t though.


I don’t like your little games
Don’t like your tilted stage
The role you made me play
Of the fool, no, I don’t like you

I don’t like your perfect crime
How you laugh when you lie
You said the gun was mine
Isn’t cool, no, I don’t like you (oh!)

I was infected with a Jezebel spirit very very strongly back then. I actually sought out guys who were passive so I could “sway” them. One of the reasons I felt comfortable with both of these guys was because they seemed a bit sensitive and I wasn’t a fan of guys who were tough because those were the types who hurt me. At least I thought.

But God clearly did not like this song and I fought Him back and forth. I guess you could say a lie I’ve believed in my life is that God is somewhat of a pushover. (Absolutely not true at all) I didn’t forgive ppl at the time and I didn’t think God would forgive me a lot either but Im certain God was letting me be tormented by evil spirits until I did forgive and I kept going around in circles for a long time.

But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time

These lyrics clearly mock and belittle Jesus. I knew it then, but my love for the singer was stronger than my love for Jesus otherwise I’d of stopped cold turkey.

Ooh, look what you made me do
Look what you made me do
Look what you just made me do
Look what you just made me
Ooh, look what you made me do
Look what you made me do
Look what you just made me do
Look what you just made me do

Funny thing is I blamed everyone for my actions. Including God. It is no shock at all today that I liked this evil song. I did feel convicted and told ppl who liked it that this song is wrong and I stopped listening to it for a while but it crept back in. And so did the rest of the album.

These next lines are creepy. Really creepy. The artist who wrote the song wasn’t Christian circles and played with a “Christian” band. To me it almost sounds like she’s fiercely sneering to God about how He’s going to cast her out of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. I’m honestly in so much fear that I’m going to be one of those people because I’ve lived a life of hypocrisy and I recently started to change but I still see things creep up and I’m grateful Jesus is exposing my evils and busting my heart open and picking apart EVERYTHING but it’s hard and it truly is impossible to be saved without God.

I don’t like your kingdom keys
They once belonged to me
You ask me for a place to sleep
Locked me out and threw a feast (what!?)

I remember this next part was my favorite part of the song probably because at the time I was crushed and didn’t trust anyone….not even God. I knew God would want me to repent and stop listening to wicked music but I used grace and wanted grace so much because I knew that deep down repentance would equal death and death isn’t fun.

I don’t trust nobody and nobody trusts me
I’ll be the actress starring in your bad dreams

Something super creepy is that I’ve had a lot of bad dreams with this person in it. She won’t get out of my dreams. She won’t get out of my head. I’ve gotten random images of her in my head and random song lyrics and music in my head. I just want this stuff dead.

I’m gonna be honest too though. I did not want to give this stuff up. Her music was like a soothing drug. It fed my Jezebelish victim mentality…”blame all the men” and the sexual/romance lyrics were poetic which if you know me, poetry is a huge thing to me. The Bible is very poetic and it cuts you up so much. I mean, WOW the Bible is so so so beautiful yet so threatening it’s like it takes you to your knees and the only thing you can do is cry out to Jesus to save you because we can’t obey without His Spirit and without His power.

I had false grace. A grace that pretends sin isn’t happening. Real grace gets up in your face points out the sin and offers a hand to walk in the light and to forsake the sin. Sometimes grace is in a hug. Sometimes it’s in a big slap. A cold hard slap.

I used to use this line to torment (I’d mock her taunt her :(….) my friend who was praying for me and fighting for me to repent and I am glad she didn’t just watch me become hyper evil without saying something.
I’m sorry, the old (artists name) can’t come to the phone right now”
“Oh, ’cause she’s dead!” (oh!)

I was dead. I was dead spiritually and couldn’t see. Now I feel so so so sick that I was ok with this in ANY ASPECT while claiming Jesus. Honestly if Jesus doesn’t let me into Heavens gates over this… I Totally understand 😦 because I see how sickening it is. How darkened I was.

After a while…you know…I listened to the other songs on her album and everything was convicting me. But I tuned Jesus out. I resisted Him.

Then I had a dream. I had a foot in the church…a foot in the world and in the middle of the dream I was burning up in a cage in hell. I woke up but when I did I actually was surprised I was alive.

I never felt the fear of God so intensely in my life. It was the starting point of a journey to repentance. I fought a lot along the way, made a lot of stupid choices trying to find the truth…and I know after reading God’s word instead of scouring YouTube that Jesus demands obedience. Because He’s the only way. Our filthy disgusting rags are disgusting to Him. He wants all of us and demands it.

I don’t know why He’s so invasive. I don’t know how I’m still breathing. I don’t know why He keeps pointing out sin. I just don’t like to fight Him a lot anymore because I know How dangerous He is. I know how foolish I can be. Even if your genuinely struggling to obey and you desire to obey…its 100x better than willful disobedience. You’ll drop like a rock in Hell with that stuff.

I didn’t start out wanting to resist or reject God with my lifestyle but it happened swiftly. Be very very careful what media you consume and the people you hang out with. It may just be the thing that robs your soul of the only One who died for it.

I can get proud, cocky, and let me tell you there is nothing more deadly than pride. God will slap that off fast though. I’m ever so grateful for it. I’m nothing but a sick Jezebel sex addict without Jesus.

With Him…I’m softer. I’m still growing and I need my flesh to bleed to death but every little step of faith ONLY by His grace is taking so much weight off. He is totally ok with me dying. I know this is controversial but He hated that old me. He hated her so much. It’s not that He didn’t see potential it’s just that He wants anything tainted in the flesh to die. And that’s why Jesus is SO important because without Him we are lost. With Him we have a way to die and be covered by His blood.

Some may say I’m teaching works. I’m not teaching. I’m just reaching out. And let me tell you something…it says we are covered by His blood if we walk in the light. That sounds like a FAITH that steps. Not a faith that sits.

I’m weak. Any prayers are cherished.

I do have a hard time letting go of the past but tbh I don’t want to forget because I need to see the stain of sin. I need to know how rotten I am apart from Him. It’s hard for me to move on.

You know I bet most people would of said I was a nice girl, but nice means nothing.

4 thoughts on “Piece of my Story

  1. I’d like to tell you about something I feel the Lord showed some years ago. It’s kind of scientific but it makes sense. It’s a theory of righteousness momentum. When we obey the Lord, we start building up in Him. And one act of obedience propels into another. And you start growing in the Lord!

    I’ve learned the reverse of this theory too. It’s like digging yourself out of a pit, or digging deeper into it. It’s scary because we bind the Lord’s hands in disobedience. It’s why we must repent and get out quickly! It hardens you and it’s possible to become as Judas.

    It’s better to be as Peter, who did wrong but repented himself and got back than to continue and lose it all.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. So true…the obedience for me started when I asked for help. Just been more honest about things instead of upholding a dead reputation (because most of my actions were somewhat secret) has helped. But I got ways to go. But each little step of faith makes me trust Jesus more and if He says no about something I’m not as hesitant to let go.

      The rebellion all started with secular music. There’s no good root there. I’ve cut it all off and I don’t miss it much. Maybe a couple songs but the problem is that if I listen to one I’ll want to listen to them all.

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      1. We tend to think of secular music as innocent. We can defend it and such, but rock and roll and all it has become and come from it was born with a heart of sex drugs and rebellion.

        I’m praying for you! Because I know what it’s like to get out of the will of the Lord, to struggle with things and go through difficult times. Never ever give up!! Keep going Brittany.

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  2. Brittany, wow. Such raw honesty. Thank you.

    There is great freedom in confession. As long as sin remains hidden, the enemy has control – as it seems you know. But when we shine light on our sin it somehow loses power and we are able to truly see it as it is. Evil is so deceptive. It convinces us we’re fine, when we’re anything but. And by the time we realize what’s truly happening, we’re already in bondage. But praise God, Jesus came to set the captives free! The enemy may be too powerful for us, but he doesn’t stand a chance against Him. God bless!

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