Pop Music and Homosexuality

I fully believe Satan was aiming to make me a homosexual. Now, homosexuality grieves me. Sometimes when I really think about it or see a picture or something of a girl and girl together…it makes me feel so sad or nauseous. I’ve struggled with heterosexual lust for a very long time and I would appreciate any prayers regarding the situation. God revealed to me it’s a form of self worship, and looking for a comfort instead of the Comforter.

Now, I have made known in a past post that I willfully listened to some blasphemous and sexually deviant music. I have no idea how many things spiritually affected me from that wickedness. But I do know the first time I felt homosexual lust was after listening to a song about it. And I think there’s something to that.

Someone may think I’m crazy for believing pop music is dripping with demons, but after seeing how it had affected me in some crazy ways, I am positive that regardless if the singer knows it or not, that devils are using the message in this music to shipwreck faith, promote self worship, and increase sin.

I noticed that a certain pop singer had fangirls in their comments saying they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual…after watching a GIRL next to a man in a photo shoot. Or other various videos where this girl is acting fierce. She does not have a feminine essence anymore. It is demonic, jezebel, and I think there’s some witchcraft going on.

All these comments below had female profile pictures.

I’m somewhat of a detective… and I wanted to figure out why so many girls had this strange attraction to this girl. Not only lust, but even just an attraction to imitate. It is crazy and I was affected too.

I was looking for information and I came across a different kind of video…I listened to a song in the background of a video with lyrics like, “girls like girls like boys do…” The reason I thought the song was interesting was it’s hook was a girl just repeating boys in kind of an emotional and lovey dovey way. I’m all about boys…don’t get me wrong, and to girls who hear the song they are gonna hear “boys” a few times and their ears perk up…but then the song has nothing to do with boys but how girls like girls…like boys do and it is scary catchy…and sung romantically…mind twisting…and after I turned the video off… I started thinking…oh what if I like girls too?

At the time I believed homosexuality was a sin, but I had a curiosity like never before if I did feel what I felt. And not long after…I started getting feelings when I saw riske pictures of girls. I wondered if I was reprobate and cut off from God. I’d get thoughts even about the pop singer that started this mess, and I realized this was some dangerous stuff. I started crying out to Jesus and renouncing every lustful thought, feeling, or idea about women. I also renounced and rejected the demon behind it. I don’t want anyone thinking that a Christian can’t have a battle with a demon.

Guess what? The problem went away. It comes back, and the feelings can be soo deceptive, but I lay it down at the feet of Jesus…I ask Jesus to help me resist it (there’s a weird strong desire to find identity in the feelings) and He helps me with it.

I don’t care if everything inside of me desires this. It’s unnatural. It’s demonic. And the goal is that the devil wants the feelings to feel so real that people accept it. People accept the deception and own it. Once you accept the lie, it’ll take you down. I’m grateful God has given me the insight to realize that it’s demonic deception and if I fought every demon this hard as I fight homosexual feelings I’d be so much more free…

The big trap for people who deal with this…is to think heterosexual lust is “okay”. And that’s a HUGE lie. I’ve fallen for that one. I’ve felt relieved when that happened instead of feeling weird at looking at a beautiful female confused about how I feel.

Another thing…there’s nothing wrong with thinking someone of the same sex looks good. That’s not lust. So many are confused today because they think people are attractive looking. The devil is so smart… and we need to be wise about these things…avoid the world, because he is the god of this world waiting to kill anyone who he can trap.

BE VERY careful about what you become curious about. It may just be a web of lies to catch and destroy you if you don’t get out. If you are caught…cry out to Jesus.

I don’t think every person that gets homosexual feelings has got it from seducing spirits in pop music. Some people are abused. Some people choose. Some people are born with the feelings, most likely a generational curse…or some sort of demon. And according to Romans 1, it may be a sign of a reprobate mind. I do know that it is NOT something God has put into someone’s genes. It is not of God and nobody who practices this will enter into the Kingdom.

But I believe anyone who is struggling with these thoughts and feelings can find victory in Jesus…regardless of how much you struggle. Even if you have had sexual relations with a member of the same sex there is forgiveness in Jesus Christ and stop it. Find freedom, victory, and healing. God knows this generation is full of deception about gender and sex, so I believe He’s gonna be sooo gracious to anyone who repents of this sin when the culture so encourages you to be a sexual deviant.

This isn’t my favorite thing to talk about, but I wanted to share my story. I believe 100% that there is some strong witchcraft in a LOT of secular music and cutting it off completely was the wisest choice I made. Jesus KNOWS what we need…I know our flesh gets scared and avoidant of His commands but He is amazing and such a beautiful God. When He delivers you and lets you see things as they are, you realize that He is the ONLY wise King! Eternal, immortal…let Him be all glory forever…amen.

I got problems to face and things to let go of, but praising Jesus in this area will help me to slay the dragons, crush the scorpions, and snakes…

If people think I’m crazy… about this stuff…I know a lot of Christian girls my age who battle the same thing. This random lust and thoughts they don’t want but they feel like it’s them. Please, older generation…if you have grandkids…children…nieces and nephews warn them of seducing spirits in secular music that open minds to evil. And the demons are trying to seduce people my age into bisexuality. Many of my classmates in high school were bisexual. It’s all wicked deception and confused people.

Anyways…praise God and God bless!

16 thoughts on “Pop Music and Homosexuality

  1. My goodness what a convicting message! That’s the trap we lay for ourselves unconsciously: “oh I couldn’t be tempted by something like that”.

    All men are guilty of lust regardless if marital status. Any person can be guilty of homosexual thoughts or even condoning it for the entertainment or physical pleasure of watching an or participating.

    We walk an odd line and like you mentioned strongly, we cast it at the feet of Jesus and He will help. There is no “sin be gone” but the more time we spend with the Father, the more likely we are to be appalled by the sin tempting us. But again, like you explained, that doesn’t make us immune.

    Excellent words ma’am. Excellent indeed. God bless!

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    1. I think with the times we are in it’s way more of a temptation now. ESPECIALLY with my generation. Since the culture celebrates it and a lot of kids are rebellious and curious…it makes it difficult to not have thoughts. Like in the 60s people my age would be doing drugs and fornicating…but now there’s a lot more things that are celebrated and it’s scary how fast it’s changing.

      I will NEVER ever identify myself as “bisexual, homosexual, or whatever” because I’ve been tempted and sinned at times with thoughts. I think that’s the most dangerous thing is to identify with the sin and evil spirit suggesting it.

      And yes it’s easy to think “I’d never feel like that or do that…” But then when you end up battling it, you realize how easy it is for people to just accept it and claim it’s a part of them. Very deadly stuff….and I have compassion for the lgbt community because it’s easy to get deceived. I just hope they repent. Because they think they are happy, but in the end they aren’t.


      1. Exactly. I was born tale end of the 80s so I’ll be knocking on 30’s door soon lol but I digress. My gen had the silly mash game and prediction star with color coded sides and numbers to decide who we liked. This stuff now…it’s dark and it’s only going to get darker until His glorious return

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  2. I believe Hollywood was born as a tool for devils. It captures our attention, gains our adoration and we worship these people.

    I’ve been thinking about the Duck Dynasty people lately… you know, a lot of people think that show is pretty straight up Christian. I believe the Lord pulled the blinders off me just well enough to see something weird about those people and it’s not just the big beards… they promote a cheap grace gospel and a lukewarm faith.

    Most everything on the radio and tv is evil. It’s designed to make us live for self. All the while we’re bedazzled by the pretty lights and awesomeness of the machine, we’re being programmed and poisoned by it.

    “I lay it down at the feet of Jesus…I ask Jesus to help me resist it”

    Best thing you can do!!

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    1. Duck Dynasty has some pretty filthy humor. Even some worldly shows imo had cleaner humor. They’d make comments about animals private parts…their own bodies….sex…just weird stuff for a “Christian show.” I’m not saying that their stance on a few things isn’t good, but a lot of Christian celebs are in bed with the world and have some good morals…it’s like Conservatives probably think they are good people for fighting abortion, but love porno and game of thrones. We live in a sick age. I agree with you…Hollywood is killing people. I renounce all adoration of celebrities and I definitely struggled there. God bless!

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      1. Don’t give up! I had a wild past Brittany… a lot of stuff I went through, I took advice from things that drug me in deeper into holes. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them, the band Enigma was one of my favorites… they had a song that said do what you feel until you find love. I thought about that and I did it. I struggled with love. I was literally invisible. Women didn’t want me. So I drank, a lot! I did some drugs.. and I thought well I can’t get a girlfriend, I’m going to pleasure myself. I cross dressed and adopted my open mind way of thinking. These things combined messed me up. And I have issues even today… because I allowed a door to open and when you allow a foothold like that, it’s a tool that can be used against you, so I can understand how you’re feeling!

        I’m praying for you still! Please keep remembering me!

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      2. Yes. The doors we open unfortunately can pester us. I just hope maybe someday Jesus can slam some doors shut. And with some things He definitely has. But praise God He rescued you from those things because that’s a lot of mind altering substances. But it’s crazy how the evil seed of secular music lead to grow awful trees. And yes we should all pray for each other 🙂

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  3. This is such a good post, Brittany. I have often thought for homosexuality to be as open and rampant as it is today, must be the result of a demonic spirit that is hijacking not only our music, but the minds of most people who either are homosexual, or strongly support it.

    2 Corinthians 4:4 tells us, “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God”. I praise God that He opened your eyes to the truth of what was happening to you. I know He will completely set you free from the effects of this attack on your mind. I know it, because He set me free from it many years ago! He is good and He is faithful. He is the Author and FINISHER of our faith. God bless you!

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    1. Yes I think the world in general is opening up to this wickedness but I think media is often what is the thing that gives people the curiosity.

      My problem now is telling people I know and love that I battled this. I got walls up and I hate them. When people don’t believe you when you say your hurting 😭 it’s so hard to share stuff like this especially when you put on a brave face

      God bless❤️

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      1. Yes, it’s hard to share sometimes. But it becomes easier as you ask God to show you who you should share with specifically (because maybe you don’t need to share with everyone) and for Him to bring opportunities to share with that person or those people He puts on your heart. One thing is for sure, we suffer in part so that we can help others who are suffering. There is someone, maybe many, who needs to hear about your experience and that God can set them free if they’ll turn to Him in complete surrender.

        As much as they would like to paint a different picture, the homosexual lifestyle is a life of bondage and there are many within it who just want to be free. I was one of those people many years ago, and God broke those chains and gave me a new life of freedom in Him. He is able and more than willing. God bless!

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